The Concrete Ceiling: Dedicated to the protestors

By Luisa Neubauer, Fridays for Future, Paul Goodenough and Rositsa Vangelova

They don’t have voices of their own* – it’s up to us to be that voice

Paul Goodenough, writer and founder

One day soon, these words will be obsolete…

…people will screw their face up at the idea that at one point in history, which is now of course, there was once 200 species going extinct every day.

They’ll ask us, “What did you do during the climate crisis? What did you do to help?”

Well, we got together, we made a pact, and we built stories like this. 300 of the most passionate, astounding and beautiful people on the planet got together and devoted their hearts and lives to making a collection of stories that could save as many species from extinction as humanly possible.

We made it for every one of you.

We made it to help you help them – the species who have no voice*. We hope our stories open your hearts and your minds; and give you the direction and power you need to join us in this fight.

Because if they do, today’s problems, and every word I’ve written, will be obsolete. And we’ll all be able to say we helped save the planet.

And what a wonderful thing that would be.

Paul Goodenough

*Correct at time of writing. Check out Peter Gabriel’s Interspecies Internet if you want to see how him and some amazing people are helping us (quite literally) talk to the animals.


How you can help

We’re devoting the next 12 months of our lives to raising the money and awareness we need to stop species going extinct, and to put them back into recovery. Check out our projects to see exactly where we’re working and the species we’re fighting to save (and how). 

Our project brings together the best projects and thinking from 7 charities and a whole slew of experts from across the planet. Let this be the moment we say “NO MORE EXTINCTION” and start rebuilding their world, for all our benefits.

Please do consider donating and sharing our message to create a global voice of positivity and action. Thank you xx

Comic credits

Story developed with Luisa Neubauer and Fridays for Future
Written by Paul Goodenough
Art by Rositsa Vangelova