We Are Rewriting Extinction, and this is our story

Rewriting Extinction is a collaborative charity project comprising of over 300 people from across the planet coming together to try and reverse species extinction by harnessing the power of storytelling. 

The project was founded by writer/producer Paul Goodenough and small team of friends, loved ones and volunteers. After seeing one species after another go extinct, we decided that enough was enough, and sought to unite the environmental, activism and storytelling community to save as many species from extinction as possible, once and for all.

We operate under the auspices of a charitable collective fund in the UK (Prism the Gift Fund), and two fiscal sponsors (Chapel & York and Re:wild) for the rest of the world. They allow us to take global donations and give donors tax efficiencies.

This project would not be possible without the love, commitment and passion of so many people and charities. Everyone involved in this project has stepped outside their comfort zone and worked with people they don’t know to make this happen.

We’d like to take a moment to thank them, and you, for helping us by #RewritingExtinction.


Beneficiary charities

  • Greenpeace
  • World Land Trust
  • Born Free
  • Reserva
  • The Wildlife Trusts
  • Re:wild
  • Rewilding Europe


With thanks to our supporting charities & organisations

  • The Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots
  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Sea Shepherd
  • World Animal Protection
  • Stop Ecocide International
  • Meat Free Monday
  • Rewilding Britain
  • EcoResolution
  • Animal Rebellion


The Rewriting Extinction team

  • Paul Goodenough: Founder, CEO, Creative Director
  • Jamie Woolley: Head of content
  • Veronica Treit: Marketing Manager
  • Camilla Leask: PR Lead
  • Sarah Florence Lord: Writer and editor
  • Sue Theeman: Team assistant and Executive Assistant to Paul Goodenough
  • Cornelia Abfalter: Designer
  • Poem Schway: Content Producer
  • Tasmin Hansmann: Content Producer

Special thanks to Media Bounty for their aid with marketing, Climate 2025 for project support, Aerian for our website and DK for their help with our anthology publication.