Plastics and Waste

We’ve all had enough of plastics. But what can you do about it? Aditya Mukarji, Kids Against Plastic, Jenny Jinya and others are here to help show you exactly what you can do.

Fashion that goes to hell

Lucy Siegle, Paul Goodenough, Sarah Florence Lord, Cale Grim, Aditi Mali

The true cost of the clothes you wear Article written by Tasmin Hansmann Fast Fashion is killing the planet. This is nothing new, but at this point the fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluter of our planet, right after the oil industry. Besides the constant…

The Nightmare - a comic by Buddy Gator for Rewriting Extinction - panel 1

The Nightmare: A comic from Buddy Gator

By Buddy Gator (Chow Hon Lam)

Single Use Plastics Are Choking The Oceans Although straws have been banned, single use plastics (cup lids, wet wipes, bottles etc) are still clogging the seas and waters across the planet. Microplastics have reached almost every part of the planet from the deepest parts of the oceans to the top…